Home Automation and Security

Home Automation Specialist assisting customers with installing, configuring and programming virtually anything.  Want to automate Lights, Garage Doors, Fireplace?

Want to automate Lights, Garage Doors, Fireplace?  Would you like to automate sprinklers and irrigation or weather monitoring?

We can help automate your home to help ensure security, energy efficiency and everyday repeatable tasks.

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Outdoor Living and Home Automation

Install and automate your Home Theatre system, outdoor audio system or add a TV to your patio and outdoor living area.  The costs of adding outdoor equipment to improve your experience while enjoying your outdoor living area has become much more affordable.  Let us help you find a solution that adds some fun to your backyard and patio.

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Apple Home and Siri Control

Have an iPad or iPhone?  Who doesn't?  Let us help you install the right components and solutions to help you automate almost everything in your home.

Want to control your lights, fireplace, outdoor appliances or irrigation?  We can help you automate all of it and setup your home network to be fast and efficient.

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Home Automation and Security - Efficient Living

With today's newest devices and technology, virtually anything can be managed and controlled from anywhere. Because you can securely manage devices like fireplaces and lighting, you can be comfortable knowing your home is secure and safe.

But are you taking advantage of everything this new technology can offer? Want to save water by watering only when it's really needed? Want to make sure lights are on only when someone is using a room or specific area of your home? Would you like to automatically be notified when your children arrive home safely from school or see that they are safe by receiving an image when they enter the house?

All of this and much more can be done to add peace of mind or to ensure you're home is using resources only when they are needed. Not simply using timers...but real-time action based monitoring and controls based on where you are located or what you're doing at the time.

Let us help you be more efficient and have more peace of mind.


Home Automation Specialists, experienced setting up all Z-Wave devices and fuxtures

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